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The Eyebus team engages in the prevention and detection of glaucoma, cataracts, and macular generation. Also we provide advice in smoking cessation and in lifestyle.
We are a team of tabacologists, opthalmologists, and other volunteers.
Eye examination is preventive, so that potential eye problems can be diagnosed and treated in time. Eyebus will be present at different locations and events. Together with doctors, caregivers, specialists, tobaccologist and optometrists we will work on helping to prevent visual impairment and avoidable blindness. Interested people can contact us and file an information form.

Eyebus offers the oppurtunity to work with high-technological medical equipment for detection and prevention of glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration. As well, we measure the prevelance of the described eye diseases. The bus will visit town halls, companies, schools, festivals, festivities, and other organisations for detection and prevention.
Eyebus organizes as well campaigns for smoking cessation.
In the bus there is the oppurtunity to receive advice and to stop smoking will be available. Smoking is an important factor of eye diseases and therefore we want to motivate the smoker in a positive way. In the eyebus we measure the CO-content in the exhaled air with a spirometer. We also provide nutritional advice and lifestyle advice.

The result of the examination are written down in a referral; this letter is given to the patient and/or is sent to the eye doctor or another caregiver.

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