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EYEBUS ... Prevention against blindness



Ofthalmologists, opticians, optometrists, tabacologists, dieticians, kinesists and lifestyle coaches can become a member.

The membership amounts 100 € per year.

Transfer 100 € as a membership fee on the account of the non-profit association Eyebus mentioning: membership, your name and e-mail address. You're then automatically a member and the association will afterwards contact you by mail.

non-profit association Eyebus


Bank account: BE 36 7310 4449 4881

Benefits of a membership are:


Participation in research projects, opportunity for multidisciplinar consultation for a good diagnosis.
  For ophthalmological investigation: we work with high-technological medical equipment for biological microscopical research, we carry out the measurement of the eye pressure, the fundoscopic investigation by a non mydriatic camera, to perform an eye-scan with an OCT “optic coherent tomography”.


For tobaccologist: measurement of the addiction, measurement of the CO-content in the exhaled air, motivate to smoking cessation, positive reinforcement to quit smoking, give information about health, share the list of tobaccologist close to the home address of the patient.


For dietician and lifestyle coaches: besides consulting, offer voluntarily the list of dieticians and lifestyle coaches in the region of the patient.

We work with digital data, digital monitoring and digital reporting to the patient and the doctor.
We strive for the practice out of scientific research and studies.



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