v.z.w.  Eyebus  a.s.b.l.

EYEBUS ... Prevention against blindness


The Eyebus is a project for prevention of avoidable blindness. Eyebus is the result of the commitment from Dr. Zahra Javdani and a whole team of volunteers.

The goals of Eyebus are:

   •    Prevention and detection of glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract.

   •    Nutrition and lifestyle advice

   •    Advice about guidance in smoking cessation

The eyebus is a real bus with professional measuring equipment that throughout the year will attend different locations and events. By doing this we want to prevent visual impairment and blindness, and spread information about guidance in smoking cessation, nutrition, and lifestyle advice. Doctors, caregivers, specialists, tabacologists, and optometrists work together on this. Caregivers can always join and cooperate.


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