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EYEBUS ... Prevention against blindness



Biketour"2gether4vision" 2018
non-profit association Eyebus
Antwerpen - Rotterdam - Antwerpen
15-16 september 2018
250 km

The biketour is a sportive and solidary experience aimed at the raising of funds for the projects from the non-profit association Eyebus. The goal is to experience with 100 cyclists a weekend full of sport, cousiness and solidarity. We cycle from Antwerp to Rotterdam and back - about 250 km - spread over two days.

The tour is open for every cyclist; visually impaired and blind people are welcome - they are the guests of honor of the event.
The keyword is solidarity. Participants are asked to be sponsored by friends, acquaintances and corporations so they can contribute to the goals of the VZW Eyebus.





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