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Biketour 2018 photos


On September 15th and 16th 2018 the first Biketour '2gether4vision' took place.

We cycled from Antwerp to Rotterdam and back, each time about 125 km along beautiful rural cycle paths.
Holland is really great for cyclists and tandem riders alike.
The accompaniment and catering along the route were excellent, the hotel in Rotterdam was splendid, and on top of that we cycled for a good cause, which gave the tour an additional dimension.

It was a fantastic weekend, as you can see from the photographs and testimonials below.

The absentees were wrong again. But there will be a new opportunity in 2019. In view of the success and at the request of the participants it is certain that there will be a new biketour in 2019.



imgp4108_small.jpg imgp4118_small.jpg imgp4168_small.jpg imgp4221_small.jpg
imgp4236_small.jpg imgp4240_small.jpg imgp4262_small.jpg imgp4264_small.jpg
imgp4288_small.jpg imgp4335_small.jpg imgp4353_small.jpg imgp4393_small.jpg
imgp4441_small.jpg imgp4450_small.jpg imgp4498_small.jpg imgp4513_small.jpg
imgp4516_small.jpg imgp4532_small.jpg p_20180916_175632_small.jpg p_20180916_175732_small.jpg


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